Teacher Feature: Wade Williams

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By Daniel Leary – Cougar News Contributor

Wade Williams, born in Panorama City, now a video production teacher at Saugus High School. but also taught English at Saugus several years ago.

Acting has been an interest when he was in high school and college. Williams unfortunately never really got to fully pursue this dream as he said “I got a couple of call backs but that’s about it, I’m not a budgeter, I couldn¹t make a million for one year and nothing for ten years.” He pursued teaching after helping his friend coach a little
league baseball team and thought that teaching might not be a bad choice. He eventually became an English teacher at Saugus High School.

Williams also devotes much of his time during the school year to students. He stays after school a few hours most days helping students and letting them work on there projects. He is also a great teacher for video production, with his background knowledge of English he is able to teach more than the technical aspects of a production.

With a creative writing emphasis on his major he is able to guide students to make short films with a stronger story, one that doesn’t rely so heavily on special effects but more on character development and story content. He holds higher value in films with strong meaningful stores that have a purpose and a reasoning behind it, and dislikes films where the story is secondary to special effects.

His hobbies include gardening, being with his dog Scout, and also just hanging out with friends. Also a major fan of American literature, including Huckleberry Finn, Catcher and the Rye, 1984, and Cats Cradle. His favorite food is German food. On a personal note he lives with his dog Scout, “who is a saint.”

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  1. Mr. Williams basically made my high school experience! I was in the school’s news program, Saugus News Network, which he taught. He was the one who got me into the world of broadcast news, which allowed me to discover my passion, anchoring and reporting! Thanks for doing this teacher feature! He’s a great teacher and deserves all the praise this segment brings!

  2. I had Williams years ago. He was an amazing teacher. He actually encouraged his students to think and participate (something not all teachers do). Even being strict he made class (English) interesting and fun.

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