Teacher Feature: Jose Franco

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By Phil Bornhurst – Cougar News Contributor

Jose Franco is an adult hourly staff member at College of the Canyons. He works in the Media Entertainment Arts department and acts as an aid to journalism professor, Dave Brill. In addition to helping with day to day tasks such as grading tests, Franco has comparable writing and editing skills and is capable of helping students and passing forth his knowledge.

Franco has a Bachelor’s degree in communication from Loyola Marymount University. During his last semester there he worked as an intern at KABC Channel 7. Here, he met Brill, who eventually convinced him to come take a class over at COC. Franco took the MEA 225 class, twice, and eventually was hired to his current position. He has been working for the school for about a year and a half.

When I asked Franco about his career and if he had any other work currently, he replied, “business is not fun and getting hired is not really easy.” He did mention that he’s currently working on a project that will hopefully air on public access TV this summer, but unfortunately would not comment any further on the subject. He also volunteers at SCVTV when possible.

Franco elaborated on how beneficial community college can be, stating that “here you can get the skills quicker.” This pertained to the fact that at a four-year school your time is very spread out, where as at a community college, you can focus specifically on what you want, if you want to.

I could hear the excitement in Franco’s voice as he started describing the new combination of video production and journalism as almost one field in the new MEA department. He claimed that there will be bumps in the road, but it’s coming along, and seemed optimistic about its future. Overall, Franco came across as a helpful and beneficial roll player in the department and seemed to have passion for his work. Whether it’s helping out Brill, guiding students, or developing new projects, Franco’s presence is constantly felt in the Media Entertainment Arts department.

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