Big Races on a Small Scale

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By Tommy Mason – Cougar News Contributor

Hot Rod Hobbies and Raceways in Newhall has been a happening place for remote control car gear heads for almost 20 years. Their 1,500 square foot store has racers and hobbyists covered when it comes to cars, parts or repairs.

The store has most parts for all types of remote control cars or trucks but the happening place isn’t the store, its behind the store.

Hot Rod Hobbies has 2 acres of racing facilities located behind the famous Saugus Cafe, they have a street style course to handle the low and sleek street racing cars and NASCAR oval style racing cars. The other track is the Off Road Style course with all sorts of jumps, bumps and remote controlled cars, buggies and trucks.

These trick remote controlled vehicles are 1/10 scaled down to their full sized relatives that you see on the road or in the races, complete with suspension upgrades, tire adjustments and gas powered or electric. The local racers come every Tuesday night and compete for the championship through an 8 week series.

Over 100 locals/regulars are on hand to race every Tuesday but Hot Rod Hobbies also hosts national style events that can be a 2 or 3 day weekend event that brings around 400 drivers from all over the country. Getting started in remote control racing isn’t hard at all, various types of vehicles range in various ranges in prices, anywhere from $200 – $1,000.

Over 80% of the parts in the store are 10 bucks or less and the racing fee for Tuesday nights is $15. It is great fun for family and friends.

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