Teacher Feature: Susan Hinshaw

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By Jahruba Atkinson – Cougar News Contributor

Susan Hinshaw’s early life started off in the early 70’s in Los Angeles, but her career as a rising actress was filled with daily life lesson; but all in all it has made her the profound woman she is today.

I can honestly say that from sitting in on Susan Hinshaw’s Advanced Theater class that, she has such a passion and love for the art. As students stood in front of the class performing partner scenes, Hinshaw stops many students and questions their choices and makes them dig deeper for a more authentic performance.

However, before Susan began teacher, she started off in the early 70’s in Los Angeles. She said “I was a movie buff I would ditch school just to go to Downtown and watch ‘Fred and Ginger’ movies. They didn’t have movies for adolescents at the time.”

Susan explained her love for many legendary actors such as Jimmy Stewart, Betty Davis and Gene Kelly.

“It was escapism for me in the beginning,” she said.

When asked what advice she would give young aspiring actors: “Never give up…Never, ever give up. There is so much rejection. Odds are against you, if you make it it’s like winning the lotto and if you want to make it […] you can’t give up. Because everything is going to make you want to give up. The average person will have two or three job interviews in their life, but for actors we will have two or three interviews in a day
and not get most of them. You have to stay strong in the face of It.”

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