Teacher Feature: Paul Bond

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By Tommy Mason – Cougar News Contributor

Paul Bond is a teacher at College of the Canyons, but his big pride and joy is his full time job at THR also known as The Hollywood Reporter. “I write about the business of entertainment, the business of film and TV”. Paul has been on the O’Reiley Factor, which you can search and see on Youtube. “I start every day in class reading the top stories from the Holllywood Reporter and from the Industry Trade Magazine Variety which is our competitor”.

While working at THR Paul found out that College of the Canyons was looking for some part time teachers in the Journalism, RTVF field. “I went and did a mock teaching session in front of the boss and I was hired” said Bond.

Bond teaches three different types of courses in the Media Entertainment Department including Media and Society and Exploring Contemporary Television.

When not working, Bond enjoys time with his wife and two boys.

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