Teacher Feature: Mike Leach

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By Dan Fowble – Cougar News Contributor

COC Speech Department has been able to win sliver medals at national competitions. Something that speech teacher Mike Leach had prepared his team hard for and has successfully pulled of some of the most diverse and informative speeches the competition has ever seen.

Mike Leach was just like any other community college student that had to take the proper class in order to get his AA and had to take a public speaking class. “Well like everyone who attends community college you have to take speech and like most everybody I put it off until the very last semester that I could and I was really surprised how much i enjoyed it. I really liked its structure and really inspired me to I guess one day enter the field of becoming a teacher and teaching speech and communication.

” The charisma we all have it, being an extrovert we all have that.” Says professor Leach about performing a speech and overcoming fears of public speaking. From personal experience I have grown to find that the class itself has helped people improve in there abilities to be more outgoing and more outspoken in every day life.

“The most common skills an employer is looking for is verbal and written communication skills, Leach said. He also explains,” From these skills that are taught in the basic speech class are the key things that any student could appreciate from the class and be able to take on with them for the rest of there life. Skills that are absolutely beneficial to use rather than what you would learn in your typical history class.”

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