Teacher Feature: Jon Amador

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By Alan Ocampo – Cougar News Contributor

Jon Amador got his start in the field of media and entertainment very early on. As a elementary school student, Amador was a classically trained musician, sang in choirs, chorals, and also played viola and percussion in the orchestra. You might call him a “band geek” of sorts. Amador continued to study music throughout high school; it was in high school where Amador transitioned studying at an arts magnet school L.A. County High School of the Arts. There he found his passion and realized he wanted to do it for a living and career.

After graduating high school, Amador studied three years at a community college in Pasadena. He eventually transferred to California Institute of the Arts in Valencia. He studied at CALARTS for five years, earning a Bachelors Arts Degree in Music technology and New Media. Amador stayed for two more years and earned his Masters degree in Sound Design of Integrated Media. His professional experience stems from his education in the Arts, Music, and Technology, Media. This all blended together working professionally in this career.

His advice for students: “If you’re interested in getting in a career in media, education is absolutely critical in getting a job in the entertainment industry. Start your education experience working on sets, working as a production assistant and do more of the menial tasks in the facility. It is important for students to have that foundation, education and understanding of how media works in theory and how to work with people in a collaborative environment. College of the Canyons and the Media Entertainment Arts Department provide both those types of experiences for students.”

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