Teacher Feature: Ebony Coburn

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By Brandi Aguilar – Cougar News Contributor

Ebony Coburn was born in Parker, Michigan but is from the windy state of Illinois. She moved to California in March. “The people here are so friendly,” said Ebony. As a child she moved from school to school because her dad was in the military. “It was not hard for me because moving simply became a part of life,” said Ebony. Each of the four years in high school were spent at a different school each year. Her senior year in high school was the hardest because the moves had taken its toll on her and she didn’t know anyone.

After high school, she attended Royal University where she majored in English. She also earned a master’s degree in Education, and says “Obtaining a master’s isn’t that difficult because you learn the same stuff you learned to get your bachelors degree, it’s just taught in a different way.”

Ebony is single with no kids, which Ebony seems to be relieved about. Kids add a whole new stress into one’s life!

In college, she was part of the Political Science Club and took part in a mock trial. She stated it “was a cool experience to see what it would be like in a courtroom.”

Coburn works in the Distance Learning Program at College of the Canyons. The Distance Learning Program is a program designed to serve students the option of online classes. People who are busy with work or their families and cannot commit to coming to a classroom can receive their degree online.

Ebony has been working for the Distance Learning Program since March, so she is very new to the area, but has fallen in love with the California atmosphere. When asked what grade she wanted to teach or work for, she said, “college level is my preferred grade-level I have always wanted to work for, I think high school would be the worst grades to teach since teens can be hard to work with.”

Ebony is a well-rounded, very intelligent woman and seems to have a good head on her shoulders, who also in her spare time loves to play video games and owns an XBOX, Playstation 3 and a Wii. She also writes poetry to help put her thoughts into words.

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