Teacher Feature: Dennis Morrow

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By Jeffrey Best – Cougar News Contributor

At first glance, Professor Dennis Morrow comes across as a quiet and easy going person. Teaching all levels of math at College of the Canyons, one would be surprised to find out his favorite hobby and how long he has actually liked mathematics.

Morrow was born and raised in California, and found an interest in physics. However, while pursuing the physics major it was the teachers that turned him off. Morrow explained that he “had a run of bad professors…really bad professors, and one really good one, and he was math methods in physics.” This prompted Morrow to change his direction and go for a math major. “At about 27, my favorite subject became math,” Morrow recollected, “I really fell in love with it, but it was late in life.”

A life as a teacher wasn’t something Morrow considered while in high school, but when the opportunity arose out of college he gave it a try. “I taught high school in the desert for four years and I liked it, I really liked teaching,” Morrow said, but noted that he didn’t think high school was where he wanted to stay. Eventually he found himself at Glendale College as a part time teacher, and when College of the Canyons had an opening he was able to get the position. He has been teaching at College of the Canyons for 27 years.

One interesting aspect to Morrow is that no matter the weather, he can always be found wearing sandals. As it turns out, the sandals were part of a bigger story having to do with his hobby. “I train in karate, I always have for about 40 years” he explained. The sandals helped prevent sores, as well as maintain the feet. He added that he now has trouble finding shoes that fit because he’s worn sandals for so long.

Along with karate, Morrow also finds pleasure in photography and gardening. When asked what his advice to leaving students is, he replied “Do your homework, when you get into other classes do your homework, every class. That’s how you learn! You don’t learn mathematics by watching me…you learn it when you get out and sweat with it.”

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