Teacher Feature: David Stevenson

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By Kelly Hill – Cougar News Contributor

Teaching has been part of his life since he was born.

Ever since David Stevenson was a little kid, he knew he was going to become a teacher one day. His grandparents and parents were all part of the school district. In fact, his Dad actually became his high school principal.

Stevenson said it was his grandmother who thought he would be a good college professor. He is a professor at College of the Canyons Fundamentals of Public Speaking and Strategies of Argumentation, which Stevenson refers to as his “baby”, since he developed the course.

It was a long journey for Stevenson to eventually reach his dream. He had many careers along the way. Starting at the bottom, he was a “box boy” to a journeymen clerk, then became a bar tender in Chico. He enjoyed bartending because it helped his communication skills and he learned a lot from the diverse people he encountered. He started off as a broadcast major and spent 5 or 6 years in radio and television. He then decided to go for his masters degree and became a professor. He has been teaching ever since 1988, and was in the first class that graduated from CSU Chico with a masters degree in 1990.

He is a huge recruiter for communication majors. He believes once you learn and understand communicating, you can move on to just about anything from law to teaching. Stevenson said, “Once you understand how human beings communicate with one another, it puts you in control of every situation that you might find yourself in.” He believes a degree in communication studies is the best degree one can have.

When asked what David’s favorite part about teaching is, he replied, “helping people.” He believes he not only helps his students academically, but always watching them gain self-confidence and advance their lives in a number of ways. “It’s just a really positive set of courses that I teach that create really positive outcomes for people,” Stevenson exclaimed.

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  1. I really enjoyed the story about David Stevenson because I always wondered what he taught. I always see in the hall way and he always seem so delightful and happy; you can tell that he really enjoys what he does. I am a communication major; but I have taken all my classes with Victoria Leonard (she is also such a joy and a delight to be around). So now that I know who this delightful David Stevenson is; I will definitely take a class from him in the future. Thank-you for your post I really enjoyed reading your story.

  2. Teacher Feature, is a cool idea. It allows the students to see the “behind the scenes” of who the teacher is.

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