Teacher Feature: Dave Nordstrom

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By Frank Tostado – Cougar News Contributor

Here at COC, Dave Nordstrom teaches video editing and intro to journalism.

When talking to Dave, he told me a bit about where he went to school and how he got started in the film making business. He is a graduate student from Cal Arts and is currently teaching and doing some freelance editing on the side – to pay the bills of course.

Dave has been teaching for just a little over 3 and a half years, and had started out being a teacher’s assistant. Teaching for Dave was never set in stone going to school at Cal Arts. It was offered to him from a friend that he knew through Jon Amador.

Teaching isn’t all the Dave does. He works in post production and still does some freelance editing. He likes being a filmmaker and an artist.

When working on features, Dave has mostly worked with people that he knows, and has friends who also work on bigger productions. He continues, “It’s harder to make the jump from assistant editor to lead editor, in today’s market you need to pretty much take on work on your own to have a chance in being that lead editor.”

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