Santa Clarita Work Source Center Helps Residents in Job Hunt

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With the unemployment rate being over 12% in the state of California, finding a job can be quite a difficult process. However, there are still some programs that can help a person get out of the unemployment slump and find a good job; or even reach a certain career goal. One of those programs is the Santa Clarita Work Source Center, located in the University Center on the campus of College of the Canyons in Valencia.

Work Source was created in partnership between Santa Clarita, Goodwill Industries, and the Employment Development Program. The center provides individuals job opportunities through the aid of case management, workshops, and specific short term training programs. Internet accessible computers are also available for at the center for job research. In addition, telephones, Xerox, and fax machines are at the Work Source center to give clients an opportunity to communicate with potential employers if they need to.

Some individuals may need assistance in other ways like building and developing resumes; improving their interview skills for potential employers; achieving a goal oriented career; or perhaps need to be brought up to speed with new technologies in their job field. Work Source, with the assistance of their trained professionals, offers their clients these services and others with their “Three Tiers of Service.”

The first tier of service are workshops. These workshops are provided throughout each month, and vary from interview coaching to resume building and review. There is even a workshop called “The Job Hunters Club” which teaches participants to learn different job search tools and strategies in order to understand what potential employers are looking for as they continue their job search.

The second tier of service is case management, or one-on-one support with a Work Source employee. Some clients whom use case management may be trying to find a job while other clients might be trying to build up their career in something specifically.

“One of the differences between a job and a career is timing,” said Marjorie Iacovetti, a Worksource case manager. Some clients may have short term goals (getting a job) while others may have long term goals (a career). Once a case manager figures out and understands the particular goals of a client, the case manager then plans out a strategy for the client which could hopefully match them with a potential job opportunity in order to obtain and fulfill those goals.

The third and final tier provides Works Source clients with short term education. With new technologies constantly evolving in the workplace, this service gives individuals the opportunity to catch up with their peers by providing education of innovative technologies in their type of work in order to help them find a job more quickly and efficiently.

There are times that businesses within the Santa Clarita community come specifically to Work Source to post new job opportunities that have just been made available. These job postings are then put on the “Job Board” which is near the front desk in the Work Source Center. Staff members screen resumes that were submitted by clients enrolled at the center in order to find workers suitable for the position. Pre-interviews are then set up with interested clients for the job, then Work Source selects the strongest candidates for the job to the potential employer. This is a process which Work Source believes gives their clients an edge and another opportunity to find employment.

All of these services are given by Work Source with no charge to the client. Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to join and enroll. If you would like more information about Work Source and their services, they can be reached at (661)799-9675 or on their website.

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