Preliminary Testing on Seco Hall Shows No Other Contamination

by Austin Dave, Staff Writer 503 views0

Preliminary tests have found that there is no Legionella bacteria found on the 3rd Floor of Seco Hall. Initial results are from tests conducted after a COC faculty member contracted Legionnaire’s Disease.

The results showed that only trace amounts of the bacteria were found in two sink faucets. One in Bonelli Hall Room 330, and one in a Financial Aid Office sink on the First Floor of Seco Hall. Those amounts are environmentally normal because they are found wherever there are water sources.

An employee that thought they had contracted Legionnaire’s Disease did not contract the disease after test results were negative.

Seco Hall will also undergo repairs to the roof and air conditioning units to make the building watertight. Because of those repairs, no Summer Session classes will be scheduled in Seco Hall.

College of the Canyons will have a full, detailed report on the findings in about a week.

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