Pasadena Parade without Roses?

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The 33rd Annual Doo Dah parade brought its notorious brand of wackiness across Pasadena on Saturday. The Pasadena Doo Dah Parade began as a grassroots event in 1978.

There were thousands in attendance who came and gazed at the colorful personalities and works of art that walked by. From clowns, bands on wheels, a beach cruiser club and giant cupcakes the Doo Dah Parade had it all.

Santa Clarita had its own group of women, cleverly named the Braettes, with ages ranging from early 30’s to 80 years old. The women wore bras to symbolize breast cancer and breast cancer awareness.  The collection of women strutted their stuff to a beautifully choreographed dance routine and if any women want to join in next years Doo Dah Parade contact the Braettes at

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