Opinion: Ordinary Town With a Theme Park

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“Awesometown” is the new slogan plastered throughout various surrounding cities of Valencia. But why the name “Awesometown”?

Driving through Van Nuys, North Hollywood, and Culver City, citizens are bombarded by the bright orange logo enticing them to go to “Awesometown”. I just don’t see why the town is so “awesome”.

Maybe coming from a younger individual, such as myself, I don’t believe that this town has any awesomeness in it. There’s absolutely nothing for any young adults under 21 to do that doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg, especially during the night hours. This lack of awesomeness has led many kids in the area to drugs from marijuana to even personal accounts of black tar heroin.

I understand that the city of Santa Clarita wants to attract more  consumers to the area despite the fact that there are mall and shopping options everywhere else in Los Angeles. Granted, we do certainly have the best of the best when it comes to a community college, and a well known arts college, but that wouldn’t overwhelm me to come move here. Its too expensive to live here as a student anyway.

Probably the best thing Santa Clarita ever did besides bring several television and film productions to town, is the interconnectedness  of the entire area basically known as Paseos’ or “walk” in Spanish. Overall the Paseos connection to most of the area makes it the best for walking dogs, biking, and running. The trails connect to parks, schools, recreation centers, neighborhood shopping and more. Valencia’s system of walkways is the most unique way to get around town without dealing with traffic.

“Awesometown” is not the best nickname for the area because there isn’t any out of the ordinary “awesome” consumer business that ever makes it past the test of the struggling economy. Case in point – Bristol Farms. A company that thrived on excellence. The store brought  the citizens of Santa Clarita a new place to buy products that really couldn’t be found anywhere else. Only after a year and a half, Bristol Farms died by the suffocation of the weight sitting on the lungs of our economy and laid off a large mass of their employees.

“Awesometown”. I think not. Maybe ordinary town with a theme park, but I’m sure that can’t fit on the billboards.

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  1. Chase:

    Is there a place that offers great schools, safety and affordability (relative to the rest of the area) in southern California?

    If you know of one that offers all of the above PLUS a great nightlife for youth, I’d love to hear about it. There are a number of websites that compare these factors (cost, safety, school quality). One example is lalife.com. Santa Clarita offers all of the above, plus the trails and outdoor spaces you mention.

    I’d turn the question around a bit and ask you — what is it exactly that you’re looking for? Clubs for the under 21 year old age group? Perhaps you can propose an idea for something and make it happen rather than wait for it to be handed to you on a silver platter. Unlike some others, this town is quite open to self-improvement. I’d say that’s pretty awesome.

  2. Please take an English composition course. You could then offer your thoughts to the public in a way that isn’t painful to read.

  3. John B:

    Please list the “PLUS a great nightlife for youth” in the SCV.


    John Wayne Gacy

  4. Keep in mind that articles and opinions are being written and posted by students. They are working very hard to bring a rich New Media Journalism experience to our readers and viewers. Sometimes grammatical mistakes are made. It’s all part of the learning curve.

    Cougar News Staff

  5. No excuse. A student can always improve. The editor is also at fault.

  6. Sometimes grammatical mistakes are made.

    Oh please, have an editor who can edit! I don’t think anyone even read this.

  7. Jane,

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But did you even read this before you submitted it? I understand that this is a class project and mistakes will be made, but not every class project is published for the world to see. That being said, your editor should be fired. This could have been a decent opinion piece….
    I have to quote my favorite uncle and tell you, “If you’re bored, you’re boring.”

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