Opinion: It’s More Than a Game

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“Fast-break Slam dunk, Reverse Lay-up, In his face three pointer.”

These are what most people think about when they hear about professional basketball but, its deeper than that. The National Basketball Association has a global community outreach program called “NBA CARES” which allows these highly talented athletes to do more in their community than putting a basketball through a hoop. This program addresses important social issues such as education, youth and family development and health and wellness.

When NBA Cares was launched in October 2005, the players, league and teams were able to raise up to $115 million dollars toward many charities such as, the Boys and Girls Club, CAF America, American Red Cross, Feed the Children and many more. They also provided more than one million hours of hands-on service, and built more than 460 places where families and kids can have shelter and live.

These players are very giving year-round during the off-season they still continue to travel throughout the globe and host community outreach programs and other humanitarian work. This work includes projects ranging from funding job skills training, motivational speeches and spending time with children at orphanages and most player go to there hometowns to show respect to where they came from. By using basketball as a tool for social change, NBA players have provided many people with a once in a lifetime experience and adding resources and relief for a better  tomorrow.

If you are interested in volunteering towards this program you can go to the NBA’s website (nba.com) and sign up to volunteer.

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