Noisy Tax Day in Santa Clarita

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Thousands in Santa Clarita rallied in front of City Hall to protest Tax Day, April 15 as part of the Tea Party movement. Residents lined the streets in full gear with T-shirts, flags, and signs to make their message known while drivers sounded their horns continuously in support.

According to organizer Chris Lim, Tax Day was the perfect opportunity to stand up against high taxes and government spending.

People of all ages showed up at Thursday evening’s demonstration. One 13 year-old we spoke to was dressed in red, white, and blue and held a sign that read “Save My Generation.”

“It’s important for people my age to know about this because we’re the ones who are going to have to pay back the debt,” he said.

A father in the crowd shared the same concern. He created a sign that listed numbers related to the national debt.

“When I was in college in the 80’s, the national debt had just reached $1 trillion dollars. Now in 2010 it’s up to $13 trillion because of all the government spending and how are we going to pay that back?”

Another woman expressed disagreement with the way taxes are collected and distributed.
”This country was founded upon people who started at the bottom and worked their way up to success. I’m not rich… but it’s not right to take so much money from hard-working people and just hand it out to people at the bottom,” she said.

The rally was peaceful for the most part with only a couple of drivers pulling up and yelling their opposing arguments out the window. See what the rally looked and sounded like on this week’s upcoming episode of Cougar News.

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