COC’s Defensive End Debates Over College Choices

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Eddie A. Reid – Cougar News Staff Writer

Five Cougars from the 2008  Northern Conference Champion College of the Canyons football team were honored with All-American awards, and seven were named All-State, including All-State Defensive Player of the Year, Marquis Jackson. With 80 tackles and 12 recorded sacks, Jackson becomes the second All-State Defensive Player of the Year for College of the Canyons since 1998 and the first freshman to earn the award.

Marquis Jackson, has still not come to a decision after months of contemplating over which school he will attend next semester.  Jackson, received interest from schools such as University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Southern California (USC), Arizona State University (ASU), University of Kentucky(UK) and Louisiana State University(LSU). Jackson has high standards for the college of his future. “I look for Honesty, academics, somewhere i can go to play football and excell in the classroom also. School is also a big part of me.” Jackson reported when asked what he looks for in colleges.

Weeks ago he went from a UCLA commitment, to a possibly edging towards USC, back to a UCLA commitment, and finally agreeing with the USC Trojans. Now he is back to balancing all of his options. Malik Jackson, Marquis’s twin brother, has played two seasons with the Trojans and is looking forward to playing with Marquis if he attends University of Southern California.

Marquis learned a lot in his season here at College of the Canyons. Jackson proved his excellence not only on the field but more importantly ,in the classroom. If football doesn’t go through for him, he will fall back on his Social Science major.”I will try to use my major to an advantage to help our my community” Jackson stated.

Stay tuned to Cougar News and see what school Marquis decides to play for this upcoming season.

(Update: This story’s headline was edited to reflect that Marquis has not made a decision.)

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