COC Student Runs for City Council

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Phil Bornhurst – Cougar News Contributor

Being the newcomer on any kind of scene is never easy.  Thick skin and strong will are required.  One must prove his or her validity and work hard to gain acceptance.  So is the case of Harrison Katz, the 19 year old college student turned local politician.
Katz is running for one of three seats available in this year’s Santa Clarita City Council elections.  Yes, the odds are against him, not only due to his age, but also being a democrat running in what is widely regarded a conservative town.  Yet none of this has stopped Katz from persevering.

After registering for his candidacy in late December, Katz has tirelessly ran a convincing campaign that has caught the attention of almost an entire town.

But will it be enough?

Nearly 40% of Santa Clarita is under the age of 25, but only 5% are between the ages of 20 and 25.  If you add 18 and 19-year-olds to the mix, the number would still be under 10% of the voting population.  And of that percentage it’s unclear how many will vote.

Not to say that only young adults will be voting for Katz, fresh blood and new perspective make for a persuasive campaign, especially in today’s political climate.   And Katz is no stranger to politics.  His father, Martin Katz, was Ted Kennedy’s campaign finance director during his run for U.S. president in 1980.

“He’s got an interest in improving the community, he thinks he can bring a unique perspective to the city, and he certainly takes it seriously,” says Martin about his son.

Katz’s previous political experience includes being an aide to a Congressional candidate here in the 25th district, as well as serving as an intern in the Southern California office of the former Lt. Governor.  Katz is also the founder and president of COC’s Political Science Club.

Please check out my interview with Katz from earlier this week, and also don’t forget to vote on Tuesday April 13th.

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  1. I really found this interesting because I have not heard of Harrison Katz. I would like to get started in politics and I think that with the help of Harrison our future younger generations will be more powerful in the vote : )

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