City Council Election Results

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Local Santa Clarita residents made their way to polling stations Tuesday to cast their vote as to who they want serving on Santa Clarita’s City Council. Three council seats were up for grabs as Laurene Weste, Frank Ferry and Marsha McLean’s four-year terms were up. Candidates included Daniel Henriquez, David Gauny, David Galvan, Henry Schultz, Harrison Katz, TimBen Boydston, Kenneth W. Mann and Johnny Pride, as well as the three incumbents. If residents were unable to cast their votes in polling places, vote by mail, provisional ballots, and absentee ballots were also an option. Polls opened at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning and closed at 8 p.m. that night.

The first returns of the night indicated that Frank Ferry, current Santa Clarita Valley Councilman and educator, was in the lead. Marsha McLean, current Santa Clarita Valley Councilwoman and Environmental Analyst, was trailing in second and Laurene Weste, current Santa Clarita Valley Councilwoman, in a close third. By the end of the night, Marsha McLean had taken the lead, Laurene Weste followed closely behind in second, and Frank Ferry had fallen to third. Regardless of place, the top three candidates, and in this case incumbents, each earned a seat on Santa Clarita Valley’s City Council. Although all 32 precincts and their votes have been tallied, provisional and absentee ballots have yet to be completely accounted for. Although McLean and Weste have secured their strong leads, Ferry is closely trailed by business owner, David Gauny, by less than 100 votes and the final provisional and absentee counts could rock the boat. Winners of the election will take their seats two weeks from now during the next City Council meeting.

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