McKelvey a Duel Threat for the Cougars

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Jim Brown.

Bo Jackson.

Danny Ainge.

Those are just a few of the most popular athletes to professionally play two sports in their great careers.

Does College of the Canyons have another one in the making right here in the Santa Clarita Valley?

Golden Valley High School alum, Tera McKelvey, is a two sport athlete that plays right here at COC.

When she’s not competing in track and field in the spring, she’s shooting hoops for COC’s Women’s Basketball in the fall.

Participating in  both track and basketball, however, was not a sudden decision for Mckelvey.

“I’ve just done track and field my whole life.  Track and field, and basketball, was my dual sport.  I just did it all my life,” McKelvey says.

At Golden Valley,  she played varsity track and field all four years and was on the varsity basketball team for three years.

During her senior year at Golden Valley, McKelvey averaged 10.6 points, two assists and 4.6 rebounds  per game.

McKelvey’s time playing in high school helped prep her for tackling both sports here at COC.

Currently on the COC Track team she competes in the discus, the javelin, hammer  throw, and shot put..

According to Mckelvey, javelin and hammer are still a work in progress.  However, she does have a personal record of 31.6 feet in the shot put.

But when she’s not launching the shot, or heaving the hammer, she’s playing the guard position on the women’s basketball team.

McKelvey’s stats for the 2009-2010 Cougars Women’s Basketball season included 47 field goals made with 23 assists, and 23 offensive rebounds and 61 defensive rebounds.

McKelvey says competing in track has its benefits when it comes to basketball.  Although track can mean setting personal accomplishments, she connects individual achievement on the hardwood to create a solid team performance.

A teams relationship and cohesiveness can arguably be the key to having success.

“Track and basketball are a lot of fun, I love the basketball girls.  I’ve been with them for two years, they’re really fun.  Then just coming out this year for track, they’re a good group of kids.  They’re a lot of fun, so it’s a good atmosphere,” McKelvey says.

With the track and field season nearly over, Tera McKelvey has set expectations for herself on every throw.

“I just wanna PR (personal record) every single time that I throw, whether it be three inches one time or a foot.”

Whether she continues on in the future as a two sport athlete, McKelvey is still undecided.

So will Tera Mckelvey become one of the great two sport athletes of our genereation?

Time will tell…

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