20 Minutes Can Go A Long Way

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The Providence Blood Donor Center’s Truck was parked by the library on Monday, April 19th.  On this visit they gathered roughly 30 units of blood, their average for a trip to College of the Canyons.  They visit the campus so frequently, students often take for granted how much help one donation can provide.

An average donation is 45o ml (about 1 pt.) which is 450 ml of blood that is a lot more valuable to a sick patient than to the average COC student.  Hospital patients are always in need of blood.  The blood not only serves those in car accidents who have lost large amounts of blood, but also to cancer patients whose treatment takes away their bodies’ ability to produce new, healthy blood cells.

An average donation takes only 20 – 30 minutes depending on recovery time.  This short amount of time can go a long way for a patient in need.

To find out where the next blood drive will be, visit  www.providence.org/losangeles

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