“The Dog Whisperer” and City Encourages Residents to License Pets

by Cory Rubin, Staff Writer 515 views0

cesar_pitBy Cory Rubin – Cougar News Staff Writer

Television’s “The Dog Whisperer,” Cesar Milan is working with the City of Santa Clarita and the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control Department to encourage residents to license their pets. Los Angeles County requires all dogs over the age of 4 months be licensed.

Why should you license your pet?

Licensing provides pet owners assistance in finding their pet should it become lost and provides owners with regular updates when their pet is due for vaccinations. The small licensing fee also helps care for injured and lost animals and raises funds for animal adoptions in shelters across L.A. County.

Starting in spring, canvassers from L.A. County Animal Control will begin making door-to-door visits in Santa Clarita by providing new licenses and renewing old licenses on the spot.  Through June, no extra “canvassing fee” will be charged.  After June, however, unlicensed pets may be charged an extra fee.

The cost of licensing neutered or spayed pets is significantly less than the cost of licensing unaltered pets.  A senior discount for Santa Clarita residents over 60 years of age with altered pets is available. For a complete list of licensing fees, how to license your pet and other information, contact the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control Department at (562) 728-4706 or the department’s website.

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