Media Entertainment Arts Undergoes Facelift

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If you are a student at College of the Canyons or have been on the Valencia campus lately you have seen that Mentry Hall is being expanded.  What you may not see is the work that soon will start on the 3rd floor.

The Media Entertainment Arts Department has left the building and a brand new state of the art broadcast and teaching environment is moving in; at least it’s starting to move in.

Currently the department stands empty, but soon the walls will come down and the work will begin to update the department with some of the latest broadcast and film equipment.  According to Dr. Floyd Moos the Dean of Fine and Performing Arts at COC, all this effort is to, “…bring the workplace into the classroom”.

Dr. Moos along with RTVF Department Staff members Ron Entrekin and Dave Brill reiterated this idea by saying that the department is not only updating it’s equipment towards the Hollywood Film & TV Industry, but the department is undergoing a curriculum review to also bring the courses up to industry standards.

Ron Entrekin, Broadcast Lab Technical Engineer for the department said that former students that are currently working in the industry or have gone on to 4 year schools were asked to come back and do a focus group on the curriculum changes to help put a students voice into the process.  These students were asked what they would like to see in classes and what needed to be added to the program to bring it up to speed.

According to Entrekin, “It’s really a student centric based operation now”.  With the students input being sought on an ongoing basis to keep the program current, some curriculum changes have already been implemented.

According to instructor Dave Brill, “Many folks are getting their information, obviously from an online basis”.  With the move from print to online news outlets the program decided to have the college student news broadcast, Cougar News, not only on television, but the internet as well.

Cougar News, COC’s student produced newscast, currently broadcasts from SCVTV’s broadcast facility in Newhall.  Last spring the Canyon Call newspaper was discontinued and the Cougar News class has stepped in to help fill the information gap.

The Cougar News website at is being updated with stories from students almost on a daily basis.  Students research and produce stories for television and the web.

The new media journalism program is just part of the curriculum changes that students can participate in now but also can look forward too in the fall when the department becomes the new Media Entertainment Arts Program.

Construction on Mentry Hall is ongoing as well as curriculum review and the department remodel, for now the department is occupying space in Hasley Hall on campus and other buildings on campus and in the community.

Watch the full interview with Dr. Floyd Moos below.

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