Historical Society Hosts KHTS as Part of Lecture Series

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By Ryan Foote – Cougar News Staff Writer

The Santa Clarita Historical Society held their most recent event on Saturday February 27.  The guest of honor was Carl Goldman, owner and founder of Santa Clarita’s radio station AM-1220 KHTS.

The speech consisted of a slide show that explained the history of radio.  It explained the role many key inventors played in the creation along with inventions they contributed.

The presentation also gave the audience a chance to listen to pioneers of radio broadcasting. Goldman found original footage from historical broadcasters such as James Stewart, “Amos and Andy,” and even Abbot and Costello’s legendary skit, “Who’s on First?”

Goldman also discussed his purchasing, selling, and repurchasing of KHTS, and what he believes the future of radio will be.

It was an afternoon of education and entertainment not only for radio fans, but history fans as well.

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