COC Celebrates the Life of Dr. Ram Manvi

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By Brian Lewis – Cougar News Staff Writer

On February 1st, 2010 College of the Canyons lost a teacher and a colleague but more importantly they lost a friend and family member with the passing of Dr. Ram Manvi. Shortly after Dr. Manvi’s passing College of the Canyons gathered together at the University Center to share memories of their friend.

Tears were shed, laughs were heard, but more importantly memories were shared to remember not only a great teacher and dean, but also what a wonderful person Dr. Manvi was.

Michael McMahan shared a special moment that he will never forget about Dr. Manvi. During an academic retreat the administrators were asked to play capture the flag. While many faculty members weren’t interested in playing, Ram was not only willing to play, but he tried to organize the other faculty members. Manvi proceeded to run around the other players that were half his age, embarrassing them with his energy. After watching Ram play the game like that, everyone else decided to join in.

“Ram was a quiet leader, he led by doing,” reflected McMahan.

Before serving as the Dean of Mathematics, Science and Engineering Technologies, Dr. Manvi had been involved with JPL since 1974, working in many different divisions. With an extensive background in engineering, Dr. Manvi wanted to share his knowledge with aspiring engineers.

“He was just inspiring, when engineers are really down… and you’re wondering why you’re still doing this… and it’s really hard to get motivated, Manvi was just such an inspiration”, said a former student of Dr. Manvi’s, Hakob Karaoglanian.

Dr. Manvi taught undergraduate and graduate-level courses as well as serving as department chair and college dean at Cal State Los Angeles before coming to College of the Canyons.

“Ram was an extraordinarily sensible man, in everything he did”, remembered Cal State Los Angeles colleague Steve Felszeghy.

Upon arriving at College of the Canyons to serve as Dean of Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering Technologies, Dr. Manvi approached his position with enthusiasm. Within two years of being appointed, Manvi had accomplished not only his academic goals, but had continued to be known as a caring and compassionate man, interested in the well being of his fellow faculty and students alike.

One of Manvi’s most involved projects was establishing the Emerging Technologies Laboratory and Cleanroom. Since he was instrumental in the construction and completion of the facility, College of the Canyons has dedicated the cleanroom to the memory of Dr. Manvi, renaming it the Dr. Ram Manvi Emerging Technologies Laboratory and Cleanroom.

In addition to the Cleanroom dedication, College of the Canyons also established the Dr. Ram Manvi Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will be given to students who are majoring in mathematics, science or engineering technologies, and is intended to preserve the spirit of Dr. Manvi’s dedication to research and education.

The memorial made it clear that Dr. Ram Manvi touched many individuals throughout his academic and professional career, and will be missed not only by College of the Canyons, but by every colleague and student he was involved with.

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