Students Say Bonjour to Semester in Paris

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Professors, Pierre Etienne and Robert Walker, will teach and accompany 30 College of the Canyons students in France this summer in what has been deemed a ‘Summer Semester in Paris.’ The trip will last one month, from June 10 through July 10. The trip fair includes lodging at the Cité Internationale of the University of Paris, a one-month subway and bus pass, guided tours of Paris, International Student ID cards, and transfers to and from the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, but flights are not included.

Students are required to enroll in at least one of the two courses being taught while in France, Art 205 and French 150. During the one-month stay in Paris, students will visit the Chartres Cathedral, the palace of Versailles, the city of Rouen, Monet’s house and the gardens in Giverny, as well as an optional three day-trip to Normandy and Brittany for an additional cost. “The city is the classroom,” explained Art Professor, Robert Walker. Students can earn up to 6 units while overseas.

Students concerned about any possible language barriers can put their worries to rest as Professor Etienne explains, “It’s not really an issue, you don’t really have to speak French.”

Students that are interested in the ‘Summer Semester in Paris’ should act fast because applications and deposits are due in April. For more information and pricing, contact Pierre Etienne at or Robert Walker at

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