Rwanda “Beyond the Deadly Pit”

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By Dave Hall – Cougar News Staff Writer

A more in-depth and detailed film, and told from a personal story, by Film Producer and Director Gilbert Ndahayo. Ndahayo was born during a tragic time within a nation struggling to find its balance of identity. Gilbert told me that he had seen the movie “Hotel Rwanda” starring Don Cheadle and was not impressed.  Ndahayo said the film was more commercial and misleading, contrary to Ndahayo’s real life experience of what he and his family witnessed.
Ndahayo’s film dates back to 1994, when gunmen forced their way into a sanctuary and proceeded to kill over 200 Tutsis, including babies and buried their bodies in a pit, like animals regardless of age or gender.
Thirteen years later in 2007, Ndahayo had the opportunity to look into the pit that held the remains of family members as well as friends who did not escape the cold blooded reality of murder. President Clinton who was in office during that tragic era, called the Rwandan genocide  “one of his worse failures, because I did not intervene.”
Ndahayo’s film has caused me much soul searching.  We must look deeper within ourselves and see that the savage brutality in Rwanda must not go without justice.  If for no other reason, but out of respect for those who lost their lives.   We must also as human beings, no matter what nationality, creed, color or economic background, keep a vigilant eye so that such a horrific tragedy never happens again.  We must never forget, and knowing history, a future horrible atrocity could be on the horizon.

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    I agree with you 100%. The human being forgets so quickly. Even the Israelites during the Exodus forgot so quickly the God’s miracles. N’abanyarwanda rero, ali ababibonye n’amaso, nabo ubwabo usanga baribagiwe! It’s so confuding! But what I know they are some people who stand firmly so it can’t happen! U r among them as I can see it.

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