Road Trip Nation Visits Bowman High School

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Chris Ceman and Crystal Lora take a look at how Roadtrip Nation will help the students of Bowman High School.

By Brian Lewis – Cougar News Staff Writer

The PBS television series, “Roadtrip Nation” brought their curriculum to Bowman High School. Roadtrip Nation gives approximately 500 at risk students at the high school a chance to find their true inspirations.

Bowman is the first continuation high school in California to be selected to pilot Roadtrip Nation.

The program began on February 5th when the green RV and a few of the Roadtrip Nation representatives pulled into the parking lot of Bowman High School.

The high school held multiple assemblies that afternoon, motivating students to find their own path in life. During each assembly, the representatives told students about how their own roadtrip experiences have changed their lives. “I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, Roadtrip gave me the opportunity to go and discover who I was away from friends, family and myself and really discover who I was,” ‘Roadtripper’ Mariana Iglesias said. “This curriculum allows students to go inside themselves and find out who they are and who they want to be.”

Annie Mais, Director of Education for Roadtrip Nation says, “The number one message we want the students to take away is that they do have the power to define their life for themselves.”

“Life is a long journey and you don’t want to waste a moment of it not doing something you really love,” Bowman Principal Robin Geissler said when sharing her hopes of what her students will gain from their experience with Roadtrip Nation.

The Roadtrippers showed some sample clips to give  the students an idea of how to conduct their own interviews. They also put on a mock interview during each assembly where the roadtrippers would ask a guest interviewee a question and then open it up to the students of Bowman to ask the guest any question they would like to have answered.

In the coming weeks, students will hit the roads of Santa Clarita in groups of four to find people to interview. Their final lesson will be to put together a video telling the stories of the people they talked to. Students will be using filmmaking equipment thanks to the grant money from College of the Canyons.

Roadtrip Nation is a non-profit organization looking to empower students and help them define their own road in life. For more information, contact Annie Mais, Director of Education, at

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