Every Fifteen Minutes At Saugus High School

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Video by Katy Sonksen, 10th grader at Saugus High School

By Matt Watts – Cougar News Staff Writer

On February 18 and 19, the biannual Every Fifteen Minutes program was held at Saugus High School. The event, which was put on in association with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s station, occurred over a two day period at multiple locations and aimed to encourage students to make mature and informed decisions about reckless and drunken driving.

The program involved sheriff’s deputies and select students staging simulated automobile accidents to present to the junior and senior classes.  The demonstration featured both victimized students as well as a simulated drunk driver, in order to illustrate both the emotional and legal consequences of driving under the influence. Participants of the multiple day event also visited Santa Clarita Superior Court to witness a simulated conviction, as well as hearing from guest speakers who have experienced tragedies due to drunk driving.

The goal of the Every Fifteen Minutes program is to inform students on the very real dangers of poor decision making and encourage students and parents alike to discuss the topic in hopes of further educating them.

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