Discovery Park Groundbreaking

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shovelsSanta Clarita council members broke ground on phase two of Discovery Park, the city’s first environmentally “passive” open space project this week.

The park is designed to reverse ecological damages through the use of drought-resistant plants and a native-adapted landscape and offers educational opportunities to study wildlife preservation.

Ruthann Levison, Parks and Recreation Chairman, believes that “Once completed, Discovery Park will begin to enhance existing wetlands, minimize storm water runoff, improve biodiversity, and provide an excellent site for education about Santa Clarita’s natural habitats.”

One of it’s key features according to Mayor Laurene Weste, is to increase community support for open space preservation.

certificate“I’m very thankful that our city staff, our community that supported these efforts, the people that voted for Prop A, the people that support open space, and that is the difference between this community – how it works, how it does what it does, what it has and why other people are so surprised at what we do because we look into the future” says Weste.

At an estimated cost of $480,000, the construction of the park is funded with the voter approved Proposition A grant program which offers support for environmentally friendly projects.

areaSpanning 25 acres, Discovery Park is estimated to be completed in just three months.

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  1. Good story and Austin looks very professional in the suit and tie.

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