Dancers Raise Money for SCV Youth Project

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By Chris Ceman – Cougar News Staff Writer

In an event designed to bring together some of Santa Clarita’s most involved citizens, Kim Goldman and Will Arroyo strapped on their dancing shoes to raise money and awareness for the SCV Youth Project. The event was held on Saturday Feb. 20th at Rituals Salon on Stevenson Ranch, and acted as a precursor to a much larger charity event called “Dancing With Our Stars” taking place on April 24th in Downtown Los Angeles. Nearly everyone in attendance at the event made donations in 25 dollar increments, and the event could raise over one thousand dollars in total.

The money being raised by Goldman and Arroyo act as direct donations towards the SCV Youth Project. Dancer Kim Goldman, who has become very involved with this organization, explained that this program helps children by “providing free counseling to students in the form of crisis intervention and outreach, and depression cilnics.” The SCV Youth Project has become a staple in all schools in the Hart Union School District.

SCV Youth Project President Gregg Goodman was in attendance, and insists that this event served a greater purpose than to raise money for his foundation, “We have to help these small businesses that have supported our mission, even in times of economic hardship”. Goodman believed that having the event at a local salon could bring in business and in turn help support a business that has been faithful to the SCV Youth Project over many years.

Kim Goldman and Will Arroyo believe that success in the “Dancing With Our Stars” event in Los Angeles could bring thousands of dollars back to the children of the Santa Clarita Valley.

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