Cougar News Now Available in iTunes Store

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iTunes Preview

By Austin Dave – Cougar News Staff Writer

Good news for iPod and iPhone owners – Cougar News stories are now available as free downloads from the iTunes Store as podcasts. Podcasts are digital video files offered by media groups in an effort to reach a wider array of mobile users. One of the numerous convinces podcasting offers is the ability to download podcasts directly to one’s computer entitling access to those wishing to view videos without a constant internet connection.


Another feature is the ability to subscribe to podcasts. Viewers will receive a notification when a new video is available.

You can even take podcasting one step further – automatic downloading. When a new video is available, with your permission, iTunes will automatically download new media upon activation.

Searching within the iTunes Store

The store page can be reached be searching for “cougar news” within the iTunes window.


Our news podcast with the familiar Cougar News logo is the first result in the search queue.

Viewers can also utilize the podcast link bearing the podcast logo conveniently located below every story.

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