Christian Metal Band Releases First Album Since Reunion

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Living Sacrifice

That wait was worth it. Christian heavy metal band Living Sacrifice recently released a new studio album, The Infinite Order. The album, Living Sacrifice’s seventh, was first announced in 2008, to general excitement among Christian rock fans. The Infinite Order was produced by Jeremiah Scott and mixed by Andy Sneap, who previously worked with the band on their 2002 album, Conceived in Fire. With a dark, aggressive tone, and themes of faith, trails, redemption, and forgiveness, the new album reflects both the band’s deep-rooted faith, and their 15 years of experience in the genre.

The album was originally slated to contain 11 tracks, but a manufacturing error caused the first editions to have an unexpected bonus surprise. In an interview with, Bruce Fitzhugh said, “The Infinite Order was supposed to have 11 songs on it, but when you get the record, there are 12. The 12th track is called ‘Of My Flesh, Of My Heart’ and is a down-tuned rhythmic rager. This song was slated to be a bonus track on a possible European release. The manufacturer used the wrong master for the pressing, though, and now you have this extra song – which, for fans, is a good thing. Further pressings of the record will not have the extra song, so get this one early and you will have a collectors item.”

Living Sacrifice was formed in 1989, and produced three albums under R.E.X. Records, before Bruce Fitzhugh became lead vocalist and the band was signed with Solid State Records. The band continued recording and performances until 2003, when the group canceled the remaining concerts on one of their tours and announced they were splitting up. They remained quiet for most of the next five years, until 2008, when they announced a new album in development. In the interim, they released two singles, available only through iTunes. The band released regular updates until the release of their new album, keeping fans anticipating the fresh material.

With years of experience and a solid fan base, Living Sacrifice seems to be making a strong return. The Infinite Order gives a solid, strong selection of metal, heralding the return of one of Christian metal’s biggest influences. For any fan of heavy but wholesome thrash, this is a welcome addition to the collection.

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