Hawaii Survives Tsunami Threat

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chile-earthquake-radiusAs a powerful 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck Chile early Saturday morning, countries in the Pacific region were put on alert for possible tsunami strikes. More than 50 countries were placed under tsunami watches after the initial quake in Chile.

In Hawaii, officials braced for impact evacuating as many as 100,000 people to higher ground. The day’s events were halted as residents and officials kept their eyes on the Pacific as concern grew of a possible tsunami.

Ultimately, little damage was done by tsunami waves that did hit Hawaii. The first waves hit Hawaiian coasts before mid-day, and initial reports had waves at only 3 feet.

This recent earthquake begs the following questions: Is America ready to deal with another natural disaster? Will the quake in Chile destabilize our already volatile San Andreas fault? How long can we go without another earthquake? Are you prepared to deal with another natural disaster?

Tune in to Cougar News March 3rd at 8:30pm for tips to help prepare you for a earthquake or other natural disasters.

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