City Dedicates Street to Fallen Deputy

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By Austin Dave – Cougar News Staff Writer

More than twenty police and fire vehicles lined the streets of Via Princessa and Golden Valley Road, last week as officers, fire personnel, and city officials gathered, not in vain, but in rememberance to dedicate a street to Randy Hamson, an officer who died last year as a result of injuries sustained during a traffic stop on August 16, 2004.

Hamson had pulled over a driver who was driving without their headlights on. The officer heard a car approaching a few minutes into the traffic stop. To signal the oncoming car he shone his flashlight towards the source of the sound. The car struck the officer just a few seconds later.   The accident left Hamson comatose.  He died on October 24, 2008, as a result of his injuries.  Deputy Hamson joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in 1999, working at Pitchess Detention Center until he was transferred to Santa Clarita Valley patrol in 2003.

The ceremony began with the Pledge of Allegiance and a brief introduction given by Captain Anthony LeBerge. Following LeBerge’s speech was Sheriff Lee Baca. “This street is important because when the homes of this great community are finished, a deputy sheriff will be etched into the memory of all of the families that live on Randy Hamson Court,” Baca explained. When asked about what legacy the street entails, Sheriff Baca answered:  “On this particular street, home will be built, people will move in, children will play, and it will all be a place where Randy Hamson himself will be remembered.”

Baca’s speech gave way to Santa Clarita Mayor, Frank Ferry. Mayor Ferry began his speech, but broke away from it when he spotted the fallen deputy’s children sitting in the front row.  “When your dad was on patrol, serving the city, he was protecting my son Nick, my son Jake, and myself and upholding all of those true values he dedicated his life to and this guy always had a smile on his face,” Ferry revealed to Hamson’s children. Escorted up the cherry-picker of a Los Angeles County Fire Department truck, Hamson’s sons unveiled the street sign bearing their father’s name.

The intersection of Via Princessa and Randy Hamson Court faces Golden Oak Elementary School, a school that hosts a yearly project honoring Hamson’s life and his lasting impact on local communities.

A fitting ceremony for an officer who leaves behind an extensive legacy.

Austin Dave, Staff Writer

Austin spent two years in the GVTV television production class at Golden Valley High School — one year on the staff and one year as the student producer. Following graduation in June 2009 he enrolled in the News Media class at College of the Canyons, where he enjoys his position as Web Director of Cougar News Online ( In his spare time, Austin films and edits projects for local businesses, schools and bands. Video editing and cinematography are his two deepest passions. He enjoys living in the city of Santa Clarita and is the youngest member of the SCVTV staff.

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