Black Friday Brings Shoppers Out….Early

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By Ana Knauf – Cougar News Staff Writer

“Black Friday” is the official kick-off to the holiday shopping season with retailers advertising the best deals and biggest price slashes of the year. The day after Thanksgiving is infamous for shoppers camping outside of stores in hopes of being the first to stake a claim on big ticket items such as televisions, laptops, and gaming systems.

“It is the big day!” laughed Gloria, a Walmart employee. “We will be opening our doors at 5 [a.m.] and ending the sale at 11 [a.m.]” By limiting the sale to six hours, Walmart is sticking to the idea of “first come, first serve.” However, in hopes of avoiding pre-shopping chaos, Walmart employees will be assigning numbers to the dedicated customers camping outside to bring some order to who will be let in the store first. Gloria predicts popular purchases being low-priced laptops, Blu-Ray disc players, and “probably our [high-definition] and flat screen [televisions] . . . and toys for the kids [like] the Nintendo DS and Xbox 360.” All of these items will be receiving additional discounts.

Target stores will be rivaling its competitor Walmart at the start of this holiday shopping season. Instead of limiting shoppers to a span of a few hours on Black Friday, Target will open its doors Friday at 5 a.m. until closing on Saturday night to hold a two-day sale both in-store and online for their customers to make purchases for the holidays. To lure shoppers in, has advertised deals on TVs, classic children’s toys like the Easy-Bake Oven and Nerf guns, and electronics such as the iPod Touch, point-and-shoot cameras, DVDs, and video games.

College of the Canyons students will even be attending the early morning Black Friday sales. “My mom and I are going to be at Macy’s at 6 a.m. . . .we’ll see how that goes ,” said Mahsa Motavvef, “I will be buying anything that is affordable and I need, like wintery clothes. Maybe a few shirts [or] a bag. Also, anything I can get for friends for Christmas.”

Dean Fisher, student, appeared to be enthused about the camping-out aspect of “Black Friday.” “It will be my first time waiting in those crazy lines at Best Buy, but I am going with friends, so it should be fine.” He is not going into the store with anything in mind, but will see what deals he can get once he is inside. “It will definitely be an experience,” he said with a laugh.

Austin Dave, Staff Writer

Austin spent two years in the GVTV television production class at Golden Valley High School — one year on the staff and one year as the student producer. Following graduation in June 2009 he enrolled in the News Media class at College of the Canyons, where he enjoys his position as Web Director of Cougar News Online ( In his spare time, Austin films and edits projects for local businesses, schools and bands. Video editing and cinematography are his two deepest passions. He enjoys living in the city of Santa Clarita and is the youngest member of the SCVTV staff.

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