Gay Marriage a Hot Topic Again at COC

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By Raee Lorton – Cougar News Staff Writer

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to marry this man and this man.

Gay marriage: a hot topic.  Just because Prop 8 did not pass in this previous election does not mean the issue is over. Right now it seems California is in the middle of a heavy debate: should we allow gay marriage back on the 2010 ballot? Although a recent poll shows 51% of Californians favor same-sex marriage, 60% are opposed to putting to another vote.

How do COC students feel about this controversial topic rising from the grave and where do they stand? Let’s just say there are some fairly mixed emotions on the subject.

For some, gay marriage is a holy bond between a man and a woman. Shabnum Azizi believes that “…things like this are more personal. I do not believe…this should be put into law. It should be a separation of church and state. Marriage is your own personal take on things; marriage should not be a law.”

Should gay marriage be dropped from a government ballot and allowed for churches to decide whether or not to wed a same sex couple? Or should our government, as well as the people, have a take on this situation and put it to a vote?

Some students like Eric Lux believe that “if you want to start a family, you have the right to do that, with whoever…I would [vote] no, but not for irrational reasons because marriage is a term coined by religion, and it isn’t really fair for the government to take that away from the churches.”

While other students felt it a second vote was unnecessary most felt it was extremely important to give it another go. “I think if  the issue of voting for gay marriage returns, people will realize there was something wrong with the way we [voted] it the first time,” exclaimed a happy Jordan Henigman.

Taking what seems to be a different view on the topic was JD Kennedy, claiming, “I don’t agree with gay marriage…but I’ll say let them marry, I don’t care.”  It appears that some students feel that it is not their place to decide who should marry, let alone love.

Next year’s election is less than a year away. Students seem to be ready to rock the vote, but it’s unclear whether a majority thinks gay marriage should be back in voter’s hands or stay status quo.

Austin Dave, Staff Writer

Austin spent two years in the GVTV television production class at Golden Valley High School — one year on the staff and one year as the student producer. Following graduation in June 2009 he enrolled in the News Media class at College of the Canyons, where he enjoys his position as Web Director of Cougar News Online ( In his spare time, Austin films and edits projects for local businesses, schools and bands. Video editing and cinematography are his two deepest passions. He enjoys living in the city of Santa Clarita and is the youngest member of the SCVTV staff.

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