A Day for Kids

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Day for Kids September 12, 2009

By Ana Knauf – Cougar News Staff Writer

Hundreds of local families gathered at Newhall Park on Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. to celebrate Day for Kids, an event hosted by the Santa Clarita Boys & Girls Club.

Throughout the park, families could be seen picnicking and enjoying free slushies, popcorn, cotton candy, chips, and hot dogs provided by the event’s sponsors. Parents accompanied their kids to the rows of booths and sat back to watch their kids play and learn.

For the younger kids, International Brotherhood of Magicians put on a magic show that left them in awe. Both Whole Foods and the City Parkmobile had arts and crafts stations that allowed kids to show off their artistic talents. Kids also enjoyed a ball and beanbag toss, a Moon Bounce, face painting, coloring, bubble blowing, and hat making.

The day’s activities were not necessarily just for those that were age seven and under. Some parents and teens tested out their rock star skills at a mobile video game station that was promoting the digital music performance game Rock Band.

Many were drawn to the Sumo wrestling activity. In the game, participants put on an inflatable fat suit and try to bump and body slam their opponents outside of the ring. Also, to embrace the spirit of community, Hart High School’s Cheer Spirit Club invited the locals to come and make cards for deployed U.S. soldiers.

A stage was centered in the park so everyone could watch and hear what was going on at all times. Hula group Pure Aloha Hula brought Polynesian culture to Santa Clarita that afternoon through their performances with traditional Hawaiian drums, hula, and fire knife dancing. Later. Both Gymcheer USA and Elite Dance Studios took the stage and did a recital of original cheers and choreographed dances.

The Day for Kids carnival also showcased young, musical talent. The Boys & Girls Club’s own Caitie Acree as well as Brieanna James, 9, JR Aquino, 21, and Jordyn Aquino, 17, all sang for the event.

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  1. It was a great event , Great performers , The kid performers were so cute they sang their heart out! Really talented! I would recomend anyone whos looking for something to do with their family come out this year, Its worth watching !

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