COC Enrollment Up, Class Size Down

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COC campus filled to near capacity
Campus this semester will be filled to near capacity

By Andrew Delgado – Cougar News Staff Writer

With the economy sputtering, and tax revenue drying up, schools from coast to coast are feeling the pinch.

Education in California has been cut nearly $8.4 billion for the 2009-2010 school year compared to the same funding a year ago.

This has created a ripple effect throughout school districts in California, including right here at College of the Canyons.

While enrollment is up two percent budgetary concerns have forced COC administrators to offer nearly 175 fewer sections this semester. So if your class seems more crowded, it is.

Adding to the perfect storm is the Cal State system.  CSUN students are scrambling for classes here at COC after many of those same students were shutout due to similar enrollment issues in Northridge.

Tyra Miller, a 2nd year nursing student is one of the many who have struggled to find a spot in the classroom, “I want to become a nurse but all the classes were full.”  Miller says she also struggled to find classes in English and History.“ I was the sixth student on the waitlist in my history class out of 13 and was the last one to get in the class,” said Tyra.

Teresa Ciardi a six  year science teacher at C.O.C. is also frustrated,  “this is the worst I have seen”.  Ciardi had about 30 students on waitlist out of her four classes but was only able to admit eight.

School officials expect section shortages and increased enrollment in the Spring, and our encouraging students to not miss registration deadlines.

Austin Dave, Staff Writer

Austin spent two years in the GVTV television production class at Golden Valley High School — one year on the staff and one year as the student producer. Following graduation in June 2009 he enrolled in the News Media class at College of the Canyons, where he enjoys his position as Web Director of Cougar News Online ( In his spare time, Austin films and edits projects for local businesses, schools and bands. Video editing and cinematography are his two deepest passions. He enjoys living in the city of Santa Clarita and is the youngest member of the SCVTV staff.

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