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Santa Clarita 2020

Santa Clarita City Council’s new five-year plan is finally being detailed in Santa Clarita 2020, which the Council says they hope is the perfect vision for the city. The plan,…

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December 2011

So, it’s the holidays, and you’re looking for that special gift or gadget for someone in your life, but you don’t want to spend a bundle, you say? Well, we have some great information for YOU!

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October 2011

During the past few semesters, we were reviewing our Learning Management System (LMS) choice, which is currently Black- board. We decided to undertake this re- view because Blackboard 9 is going to be significantly different from our current version, BB 8, and we had not looked at other LMS systems in over 10 years – though the market has matured significantly.

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September 2011

Opening in the fall, the Applied Tech- nology Education Center (ATEC) build- ing at the Canyon Country campus will include a computer lab, laptop lab, and four “smart” Classrooms.

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May 2011

In our continuing effort to “Go Green” and conserve energy on both campuses, our facilities department obtained new energy-saving power strips free of charge from Southern California Edison. These power strips have an “occupancy sensor” much like the room light sensors in most classrooms and offices. The sensor, after a period of inactivity, will turn off anything plugged into it except the computer tower.