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Best places to study in Santa Clarita

Is studying at home unbearable? Does the school library make you fall asleep while studying for your Chemistry final? Our own Megan Trawick scoured through the Santa Clarita Valley to find the best places in town for you and your study group.

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Run by the Sun

With discussions of needing immediate reduction in carbon emissions at the U.N. climate conference last week, one Santa Clarita family is ahead of the curb on clean energy technology.

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Special Olympics to have two Santa Clarita athletes in USA Games

28 year-old Blaine palmer and 18 year-old Keegan Clark are members of the Santa Clarita chapter’s Track team for the Olympics, and have just been invited to the USA Games in New Jersey this summer. The invitation also is a preparation for the International games to be held in 2015 in the greater Los Angeles area. CJ Schmid has more.

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New PAC director officially introduced

Warshawski has had an illustrious 25-year career prior to joining the COC staff. Warshawski was highly regarded and recommended to Assistant Superintendent/Vice President Joseph Gerda during the hiring process to fill the vacated PAC director position.

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Making mistakes and making magic

I am striving to do my best work, create magic, and make the most of my time here. Hopefully, what I am doing here is just the sprout of what I dream will blossom into a career within Walt Disney Parks & Resorts.

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The 5th annual non profit fair

Non-profit representatives gathered at College of the Canyons to provide information about volunteer opportunities in Santa Clarita. The fair itself is a way of resources to help the community. This…

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Motorcycle training at COC

Kaplan, a retired fire captain, is employed by Nelson Motorcycle Training Center (NMTC), Inc., Las Vegas, Nev. NMTC is a private contractor hired by the California Motor Safety Program (CMSP),…

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Rena Bailey Barrett

Rena Bailey Barrett is one of the local College of the Canyons dance teachers. This charismatic dance instructor has been dancing for 40 years!

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3rd Annual Dream Walk

The 3rd Annual Dream walk hosted by Habitat for Humanity was held in San Fernando recently. The walk-a-thon was held to raise money for Habitat as well as a local…

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Bernardo Feldman

Professor Bernardo Feldman’s passion for music began at a young age, when he used to stay up late at night, listening to his dad’s classical music records. “Every night I…