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Prop 63

Reports Taylor Enz and Tim Strong take a look at the benefits and downfalls of proposition 63 that seeks to put more gun control into the law books.

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Students take COC classes while in high school

“Who are those little kids?” It’s a question that COC students occasionally ask as they walk by a group of kids who look too young to be on campus taking classes. However, these students are anywhere from 13-18 years old, attend a high school tucked away in the University Center and, according to one study, are among the highest-performing students at COC.

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A father’s dream realized in local artist

“How is a successful artist born? What are the circumstances that surround their creative development and growth? What does it take to become a successful artist in today’s world?”

Weistling answers all those questions and more in a compelling interview involving Nazi’s, a POW camp and a little western comic-strip.