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From Firefighter to Music Philanthropist

Jereme Ventura, Santa Clarita resident and the CEO of Animus Media Group (AMG) and Egoless Productions, turned his old life as a firefighter to start a new venture into the music industry. The name “Animus” is a Latin word meaning spirituality, loyalty, and respect. After many years of shooting and editing video for the Los […]

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Herrick’s hardwork defines Cougars

Meeting up with head women’s basketball coach, Greg Herrick I was able to find out the handwork beneath the talent. Greg Herrick has been coaching for COC as the women’s head coach for 23 years and coaching for a total of 37 years. He found his love for coaching at a young age, and with […]

Dr. Mosleh the professor behind the laughs

Dr.Majid Mosleh is one of the most interesting professors I have ever had the pleasure of being taught by. He is a very personable man with a knack for teaching others. Dr. Mosleh or simply “The Doc” as his students call him is someone who firmly believes that it is his duty to spread and […]

A luncheon to honor cancer survivors

The Relay for Life of Santa Clarita Valley dedicated a luncheon to anyone who battled cancer.

Dr. KC Manji- Music Authority at COC

Dr. K.C. Manji, C.O.C.’s music director, has been involved in music for more than 5 decades. She started as a bass player, touring with musical greats like Frank Zappa, among others. However, her greatest strength may have been knowing her limitations. After 10 years as a touring musician, Dr. Manji decided her playing was just […]

Cecillia Barron: Teacher of Inspiration

Cecillia Barron is a professor at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita.  While she teaches a Sociology 101 class, she has had many diverse experiences that have influenced her life in a positive way. From the time she took her very first sociology class, she knew this was her calling. Barron described she had […]

COC Instructor Returns From South Korea Following Coverage of Unusual Protests

In an effort to champion democracy and undermine totalitarian propaganda, College of the Canyons media instructor and The Hollywood Reporter (THR) journalist Paul Bond flew out to South Korea this past April for live coverage of planned air ballooned drops of the Sony film “The Interview” into North Korean territory. “This isn’t about just making […]

Young anglers find Castaic Lake ‘friendly’

Local kids get hooked on some outdoor fun at the lake.

Wings for Life: Making It’s Way Back To Santa Clarita

Wings for Life World Run Returns to Santa Clarita in 2015 as 1 of 35 Global Race Locations to help raise awareness for spinal cord injury.