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The Cowboy Couture Fashion Show
New exhibit at Art Gallery focused on the Middle East
City Hall flies flags at half to honor the victims of the Boston bombing
Student Services/Administration Building construction in progress
Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.
Admissions and Records building goes out with a bang

Youth Baseball In Santa Clarita Valley

It’s no secret that youth baseball impacts the Santa Clarita Valley. Spencer Daniels highlights the importance of youth leagues in the valley.

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Too many students, too little parking

Imagine a daily commute to work with a parking spot search much like Christmas time at the mall. Circling the parking lots, aggressive drivers and the car stalking of strangers in hopes of snagging their parking spot. This scenario may seem all too familiar because it’s an everyday reality for the 12,000 COC students fighting for one of only 3,600 available spaces.

Run by the Sun

With discussions of needing immediate reduction in carbon emissions at the U.N. climate conference last week, one Santa Clarita family is ahead of the curb on clean energy technology.

Santa Clarita evaluating red light cameras

Red light cameras are triggered by sensors located behind the limit line at intersections. These sensors detect a vehicle’s speed and determine whether or not a person will be running a red light. If a person is photographed, the picture is first examined by an officer in order to confirm that a traffic violation has occurred. If the […]

Spotlight: Carmen Gonzalez

Carmen started working in financial aid in 2001 at California State University Northridge and after exploring many different roles in the department over several years, realized that she wanted to follow this career path more passionately. In 2006 Carmen applied for a financial aid position at College of the Canyons and worked hard again to work up a latter to her current role as adviser.

COC goes organic

Every Sunday the Farmer’s Market brings local produce closer to Santa Clarita residents.

Dirt bikes, shovels and world records

You may not know his name, but I’m sure you’ve seen his work. Did you see Robbie Maddison jump the Arc de Triomphe on New Years Eve? Or Travis Pastrana’s first 360 at X Games? How about Thomas Pages doing the first ever Flare during Red Bull X Fighters?

COC club building trail one rock at a time

Community Hiking Club President has been working hard to create a hiking trail in Angeles National Forest close to Santa Clarita.

Spotlight: Suicide Prevention

In 2013, 1100 college students took their lives, making college students the second largest demographic affected by suicide.