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Love, not hate: Story of Bullying

Bullying is one of the leading causes that affect young children with long-term mental health effects. Franco Salcedo, resident of Santa Clarita, did not allow bullying to affect him, rather he brings about goodness in others. Franco has been bullied from elementary school to freshman year of high school and with no support, his mindset […]

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Finding relevance in a community church

Higher Vision church recently celebrated 10 years in Valencia. Its main focus has always been family based, and its message seems to have resonated within the community, it has a strong family presence with ministries for all ages from pre-k through high schoolers. Its volunteers have an active role in its make- up and infrastructure […]

Addie Farley the ‘Mast Cell’ warrior

When Addie was 15 months old, doctors discovered her hemoglobin was low and she needed a blood transfusion. She is currently on IV infusions of saline for hydration 2 times a week, IVIG (which is gathered from blood donors) monthly and iron infusions twice a month. She had a PICC line placed in Feb of 2014, […]

99-year-old becomes oldest graduate in COC’s history

Set goal to graduate before her 100th birthday.

Take a book, leave a book at a Little Free Library

It may look like a birdhouse or a mailbox, but it’s a Little Free Library and they’re popping up all over the Santa Clarita Valley. Little Free Libraries can be described as community book swaps. There are no library cards, dues dates or late fees, and you don’t have to whisper or stay quiet. The […]

From Firefighter to Music Philanthropist

Jereme Ventura, Santa Clarita resident and the CEO of Animus Media Group (AMG) and Egoless Productions, turned his old life as a firefighter to start a new venture into the music industry. The name “Animus” is a Latin word meaning spirituality, loyalty, and respect. After many years of shooting and editing video for the Los […]

Herrick’s hard work defines Cougars

Meeting up with head women’s basketball coach, Greg Herrick I was able to find out the handwork beneath the talent. Greg Herrick has been coaching for COC as the women’s head coach for 23 years and coaching for a total of 37 years. He found his love for coaching at a young age, and with […]

Dr. Mosleh the professor behind the laughs

Dr.Majid Mosleh is one of the most interesting professors I have ever had the pleasure of being taught by. He is a very personable man with a knack for teaching others. Dr. Mosleh or simply “The Doc” as his students call him is someone who firmly believes that it is his duty to spread and […]

A luncheon to honor cancer survivors

The Relay for Life of Santa Clarita Valley dedicated a luncheon to anyone who battled cancer.