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New exhibit at Art Gallery focused on the Middle East
Student art exhibition draws crowd
Student Services/Administration Building construction in progress
Alicia Keys live At Staples Center
Admissions and Records building goes out with a bang
The Original Pantry Cafe, Los Angeles

Fresh and healthy signature dishes such as Breakfast Croissants, Panini’s, Salads, Wraps, cold and hot Pastas, and even signature desserts and smoothies that keep your senses happy.

Opinion: Looking for love … everywhere
Opinion: Looking for love … everywhere

Between late nights studying for exams, early mornings to commute to class, working overtime, and hang out with your friends love gets lost in the busy college life that you lead day to day.

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Opinion: defining art

Art is one of those words that the meaning of has been altered and disputed many times over.

How to eat healthy on a college budget

How many times have you complained that starting a diet is too expensive? Well guess what? You’re already on one!

Religious clubs on campus, its a good thing!

Opinion: Aspergers, it’s misunderstood

One of the latest disorders to be discovered is called Asperger’s Syndrome.

Bite-sized life lessons

I’ve learned a lot of things during my College Program, and here are some of those lessons condensed into bite size bits!

Opinion: Awesometown

The Santa Clarita Valley has a very broad and extensive history, and many of the city’s inhabitants are unaware of the multitude of historical places and events which have occurred right here in this town.

Opinion: Get connected

Social media is a phenomenon that continues to transform the way the world functions.

Opinion: An Arab Fall

The once hopeful optimism of native uprisings that spread throughout the Middle East over two years ago might be coming to an end

Opinion: Gay Marraige

It was in 1996 that the Defense of Marriage Act was signed by Bill Clinton, stating that a marriage was exclusively between a man and a woman. This was over ten years ago and today, one can find Clinton publicly refuting the legitimacy of the reason behind said legislation.

Opinion: The trouble with mainstream music

It starts off with a confused look on my face. I shift back between stations on my car radio just to make sure that I did in fact change the station.

A beautiful tomorrow begins blooming today!

My Disney College Program experience has been nothing less than amazing and unforgettable. Lately, I have been so occupied with work and planning for the future.

Opinion: Defining the sequester

Defining a sequester and describing what it means for 2013.