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I believe that abortions shouldn’t be illegal, but there should be limitations on when or for what reasons they are done.

Opinion: The homeschool life
Opinion: The homeschool life

Homeschooling is a school system where kids can be educated at home by their parents.

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Opinion: Talking is overrated

Introverts often get disturbingly misinterpreted.

Opinion: How to make everyone not hate you: A vaper’s guide

On September 22, 2015, a decision that every vaper in the Santa Clarita Valley has feared was made.

Dracula Shines Brightly at the Black Box

My review of “Dracula”. This is the PERFECT show for the season, but time is running out.. Only one week left!

True Stories Dominate Movies Theaters This Fall

Which one of the fine actors will be up for the gold statue..?

Opinion: What is your city spending millions of dollars on?

An approximately $7 million project for a new community center in the city of Santa Clarita and very few people know what this means. Time and money are a large factor in keeping Santa Clarita such an Awesome Town to live in but, awesome isn’t necessarily the first word to come to mind for some […]

Opinion: The financial rewards of attending COC

Students attending community college will save time and money.

Opinion: Homelessness rising in the SCV?

Homelessness is an issue not just for Los Angeles but for Santa Clarita as well.

Opinion: The reality of ‘Wanderlust’

It was dark. I had no umbrella. I was alone. How did I end up wandering the streets of London at two o’clock in the morning looking like a hopeless, drenched Californian?

Opinion: Does the media control what we think?

Since our lives are so consumed with being connected, is it fair to say that the media could have the power to control our decisions?

Opinion: The lacking presence of student government

By Eddie Averill Towards the end of the spring 2014 semester, as I walked through the quad, I saw a handful of students eating pizza. Naturally, I wanted to know where they got the pizza, and whether or not said pizza was being provided for free by some organization that just wanted a moment of […]

Too many students, too little parking

Imagine a daily commute to work with a parking spot search much like Christmas time at the mall. Circling the parking lots, aggressive drivers and the car stalking of strangers in hopes of snagging their parking spot. This scenario may seem all too familiar because it’s an everyday reality for the 12,000 COC students fighting for one of only 3,600 available spaces.

Opinion: why savings are a thing of the past

There was once a time when common people would tout the benefit in saving hard-earned income.

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