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It was dark. I had no umbrella. I was alone. How did I end up wandering the streets of London at two o’clock in the morning looking like a hopeless, drenched Californian?

Opinion: Does the media control what we think?
Opinion: Does the media control what we think?

Since our lives are so consumed with being connected, is it fair to say that the media could have the power to control our decisions?

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Opinion: why savings are a thing of the past

There was once a time when common people would tout the benefit in saving hard-earned income.

Opinion: The phenomenon of skinny versus fat

Why hasn’t anyone ever questioned why being skinny is preferred when it comes to body types?

Opinion: Do Apps help you, or just waste your time

In a society like ours, it is almost impossible to be in a public area and see an individual that is not straining their neck to look down at their mobile device.

Opinion: The good, the bad, and the misinformation of Proposition 1

For months now we have been bombarded by campaign issues and promises from all the candidates involved by either billboards, television and radio announcements, posters and political mailers. But the huge question is, what do we really know when it comes to the propositions and how they can affect us on a personal level, in particular Proposition […]

Opinion: College Voters

People say that the youth vote is our future. So the question is, how much do our local youth actually know about the upcoming election and politics?

Opinion: Where’s the rest of the picture?

For some reason, it’s not rare that people would record a tragic event vertically. Why is that?

Opinion: The cost of a DREAM

It’s time to give young DREAMers a true chance at the “American dream.”

Opinion: Facebook wants to redefine reality

Zuckerberg’s vision of connecting others is to put on a headset and be able to sit courtside at a basketball game, or take a virtual vacation.

Opinion: Eat More Food and Less Stuff

People love food. Whether it’s burgers, fries, salads, pasta, waffles, or just a big steak, it could be consumed in a much healthier way than most people make it.

Opinion: Baseball’s cheaters deserve harsher punishment

While some will argue that these “juiced up” players brought baseball back to life, a majority of baseball fanatics will say that the Steroid Era gave the game a massive black eye.

Imagine you are a civilian left to fend for yourself against brutal attacks, torture, looting, rape and murder, as well as being deprived of basic conditions necessary for life.

Opinion: Southern California: The fool’s gold state

For decades, Southern California has been portrayed as the “Golden State,” but I believe that people considering a move to Southern California should think twice.

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