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Several student services are now housed in a central location on the Valencia campus.

Valencia restaurant owner charged with human trafficking
Valencia restaurant owner charged with human trafficking

Victim alleges owner forced him to work seven days a week without pay for the last three years.

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Vista Canyon set to break ground this May

The stretch of Santa Clara River along the 14 freeway between Sand Canyon and Via Princessa is about to get a huge makeover.

Tablet stolen from student’s locker at COC’s new Culinary Arts building

A culinary arts student reported the missing tablet after not properly closing the locker.

EOPS can help pay for college

With the cost of higher learning trending upward, the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) office at COC can help offset some of those out of pocket expenses.

Far from home with mixed emotions

The number of international students at College of the Canyons keeps growing. Laura Pichler got a chance to sit down wit Sae Kikuchi from Japan and Mirza Dawood Baig from Saudi Arabia

Placerita Canyon Nature Center gets an overhaul

The Placerita Canyon Nature Center has been completely renovated from the inside out. Funding for the project came through a $1 million grant from California State Parks through Prop. 84, $465,000 from the office of Michael D. Antonovich and Placerita Canyon Nature Center Association put in nearly $30,000 to complete the project. “The center is full of new models, […]

Got water?

It’s no secret that the recent drought has hit California hard, especially here in Santa Clarita. With little sign of rain, residents have once again prepared for the upcoming drought season.

Westboro Baptist Church protests Santa Clarita churches

Two hundred people from Santa Clarita came together to show support for one another.

‘Yes means Yes’ to be addressed by COC

College of the Canyons is in the process of reevaluating its policy of sexual assault.

PHI builds state-of-the-art film archive in Santa Clarita

The Packard Humanities Institute, in partnership with UCLA, have built the second largest film warehouse and restoration facility in the U.S. right here in Santa Clarita

Murder-suicide left husband and wife dead in Stevenson Ranch

Homicide detectives have confirmed a murder-suicide shooting that left a husband and wife dead in a parking lot in Stevenson Ranch Sunday night.

Send a digital valentine to a child at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is getting ready to distribute thousands of Valentine’s Day cards to their young patients once again.

Too many students, too little parking

Imagine a daily commute to work with a parking spot search much like Christmas time at the mall. Circling the parking lots, aggressive drivers and the car stalking of strangers in hopes of snagging their parking spot. This scenario may seem all too familiar because it’s an everyday reality for the 12,000 COC students fighting for one of only 3,600 available spaces.

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