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Two hundred people from Santa Clarita came together to show support for one another.

‘Yes means Yes’ to be addressed by COC
‘Yes means Yes’ to be addressed by COC

College of the Canyons is in the process of reevaluating its policy of sexual assault.

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PHI builds state-of-the-art film archive in Santa Clarita

The Packard Humanities Institute, in partnership with UCLA, have built the second largest film warehouse and restoration facility in the U.S. right here in Santa Clarita

Murder-suicide left husband and wife dead in Stevenson Ranch

Homicide detectives have confirmed a murder-suicide shooting that left a husband and wife dead in a parking lot in Stevenson Ranch Sunday night.

Send a digital valentine to a child at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is getting ready to distribute thousands of Valentine’s Day cards to their young patients once again.

College of the Canyons student killed in car accident

Two men are dead after their car plummeted down a 200-foot ravine on Sierra Highway early Sunday morning.

Inside Santa Clarita’s debate on open space

At first look, the city of Santa Clarita appears to have been built in the middle of what was recently just wilderness. The city has been shaped from nothing but open plains and empty fields to clusters of malls and family residences in less than 50 years.

Too many students, too little parking

Imagine a daily commute to work with a parking spot search much like Christmas time at the mall. Circling the parking lots, aggressive drivers and the car stalking of strangers in hopes of snagging their parking spot. This scenario may seem all too familiar because it’s an everyday reality for the 12,000 COC students fighting for one of only 3,600 available spaces.

4.2 earthquake recorded near Castaic, rattles Santa Clarita and Los Angeles area

A 4.2 magnitude earthquake struck near Santa Clarita early Saturday night at around 7:18 p.m. The tremor was initially recorded at 4.5 on the Richter scale before being downgraded just 20 minutes later.

Hit and run takes local man’s life

OCEANSIDE, Calif. – 24-year old Stephen Vincent Chavez was struck and killed by multiple vehicles on the Interstate 5 freeway in Oceanside on Sunday night. Chavez was struck near the Aliso Creek Rest Area where California Highway Patrol believe he may have wandered onto the freeway from the rest area. Chavez was struck by a white […]

Santa Clarita evaluating red light cameras

Red light cameras are triggered by sensors located behind the limit line at intersections. These sensors detect a vehicle’s speed and determine whether or not a person will be running a red light. If a person is photographed, the picture is first examined by an officer in order to confirm that a traffic violation has occurred. If the […]

Spotlight: Carmen Gonzalez

Carmen started working in financial aid in 2001 at California State University Northridge and after exploring many different roles in the department over several years, realized that she wanted to follow this career path more passionately. In 2006 Carmen applied for a financial aid position at College of the Canyons and worked hard again to work up a latter to her current role as adviser.

Dirt bikes, shovels and world records

You may not know his name, but I’m sure you’ve seen his work. Did you see Robbie Maddison jump the Arc de Triomphe on New Years Eve? Or Travis Pastrana’s first 360 at X Games? How about Thomas Pages doing the first ever Flare during Red Bull X Fighters?

Castaic teens who went missing are found

The father of a missing Castaic teen says his daughter has returned home safely as did the boy she ran away with.