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EOPS director explains the motivation in her life.

Can marijuana save Santa Clarita from heroin?
Can marijuana save Santa Clarita from heroin?

  Salty tears are streaming down Krissy Mcafee’s face as she begins to tell the reporters in front of her that she is heartbroken. Krissy’s heart is broken because her best friend and daughter, Carlie, overdosed on heroin and died the night before. 22-year-old Carlie Coulter was just one of 16 victims in 2012 to […]

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Love, not hate: Story of Bullying

Bullying is one of the leading causes that affect young children with long-term mental health effects. Franco Salcedo, resident of Santa Clarita, did not allow bullying to affect him, rather he brings about goodness in others. Franco has been bullied from elementary school to freshman year of high school and with no support, his mindset […]

Addie Farley the ‘Mast Cell’ warrior

When Addie was 15 months old, doctors discovered her hemoglobin was low and she needed a blood transfusion. She is currently on IV infusions of saline for hydration 2 times a week, IVIG (which is gathered from blood donors) monthly and iron infusions twice a month. She had a PICC line placed in Feb of 2014, […]

Santa Clarita residents voice frustration over proposed high-speed rail

Residents of Santa Clarita and nearby communities have expressed concerns and opposition against the proposed California High-Speed Rail project.

Son’s death fuels battle for motorcycle safety

Three years after a tragic motorcycle crash that claimed the life of their son, the Tarrant family of Santa Clarita continues an on-going battle to increase safety testing on protective neck gear.

99-year-old becomes oldest graduate in COC’s history

Set goal to graduate before her 100th birthday.

COC aims to publicize student services

The college aims to make services visible to students who may need them.

Take a book, leave a book at a Little Free Library

It may look like a birdhouse or a mailbox, but it’s a Little Free Library and they’re popping up all over the Santa Clarita Valley. Little Free Libraries can be described as community book swaps. There are no library cards, dues dates or late fees, and you don’t have to whisper or stay quiet. The […]

Man commits suicide in Valencia

53-year-old white male commits suicide at his apartment complex in Valencia.

Cecillia Barron: Teacher of Inspiration

Cecillia Barron is a professor at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita.  While she teaches a Sociology 101 class, she has had many diverse experiences that have influenced her life in a positive way. From the time she took her very first sociology class, she knew this was her calling. Barron described she had […]

Up Up and away for ‘Healthy Kids Day’

On May 2nd, the Santa Clarita Valley YMCA celebrated Healthy Kids Day in Valencia’s Heritage Park. Healthy Kids Day is a national campaign to improve the health and well being of children. The initiative aims to stimulate the body and minds of children even after the school year has ended. Across the country more than […]

High speed rail in the SCV? Residents say no!

A feisty meeting regarding The California High Speed Rail’s local impact was held at Canyon High Monday night. The gym was packed as residents from Santa Clarita, Acton, Agua Dulce, and San Fernando came to voice their concerns with the upcoming High Speed Rail plowing through their cities. “It would be right next to an elementary […]

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