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“Who are those little kids?” It’s a question that COC students occasionally ask as they walk by a group of kids who look too young to be on campus taking classes. However, these students are anywhere from 13-18 years old, attend a high school tucked away in the University Center and, according to one study, are among the highest-performing students at COC.

Benefits of Measure M
Benefits of Measure M

Measure M was a general obligation bond measure that would issue College of the Canyons $160 million to enhance the college experience at COC.

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Opinion: Security tactics – a dream or reality for college campuses.

With the number of school shootings on the rise, college campuses look for ways to educate their staff and students on the proper actions to take.

Santa Clarita prepares for El Niño

El Nino” gets tossed around a lot nowadays. But how many people actually know what it is and how it could potentially impact Southern California?

COC says it has worked hard to improve campus safety

By Chaz Ingram Since 2013 there have been 160 school shootings in the US. In 2015 alone there have been 52 school shootings, 21 of which have taken place on college or university campuses. Thoughts of Columbine High School, Sandyhook Elementary, and Virginia Tech, without a doubt, will elicit some type of emotion from anyone who recalls the horrific actions […]

Primate conservation in the year of the monkey

The Gibbon Conservation Center, or GCC, in Santa Clarita has been working closely with these apes for over 30 years and focuses on the conservation, study and care of gibbons.

Students Recognize Maintenance Problems on Campus

COC has experienced a vast amount of growth since it first opened in 1969, but students have noticed that many of the older buildings and halls are not up to par with the newer facilities

LIVE: 2015 Fall Scholarly Presentation

The 2015 fall Scholarly Presentation is live from the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center at College of the Canyons. The topic is Galapagos, a Personal Journey on Darwin’s Footsteps by Dr. Miriam S. Galbert.

Organ donor to be remembered during Rose Parade

Former Santa Clarita Valley resident Cory Tarrant will be remembered on The Rose Bowl OneLegacyFloat.

Show your support on Veterans Day and free food for vets

As our nation honors its military veterans this Wednesday, Santa Clarita Valley residents can locally pay tribute to those who have served and those who continue to serve our country.

Thousands turn out for Santa Clarita Marathon

Over 5,000 people turned out to Valencia to participate in the 2015 Santa Clarita Marathon Sunday.  The event featured several race options available to the runners, including a 5k and a half-marathon. The first runner to cross the finish line in the full-length marathon was Saugus High School alumni Brandon Jauregui, 24, with a time of two […]

Bridge to Home opens early in Santa Clarita

Bridge to Home opened its doors early to the homeless population of the Santa Clarita Valley because of expected colder weather this week. In September the Los Angeles County approached SCV, encouraging an earlier opening date due to the expected inclement weather. Annette Guzman, the current Deputy Executive Director of Bridge to Home explains that […]

Greenlight A Vet

We all know who to thank on Veterans Day when they are in uniform, but what about the one’s that aren’t? How do we show our gratitude for the service and sacrifices made by more than 2.5 million other military families?

Beating Suicide In Santa Clarita

Suicide is a silent killer in the US but the resources are becoming more available to those who reach out. “Suicide is a preventable public health problem and a leading cause of death in the United States.” the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention writes. Before the close of the year, Santa Clarita Valley(SCV) has reached […]

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