Hazardous & E-waste Roundup

by Robert Sippey, Staff Writer 362 views0

Hundreds of cars lined up in College of the Canyons parking lots. The reason was simple – to dispose of hazardous waste in an easy and efficient manner. Cars drove onto a tarp where workers quickly removed awaiting waste which they then sorted into appropriate boxes. Those boxes were then loaded onto palettes which forklifts transported to semi-trucks.

CleanHarbors, which preaches the importance of proper waste disposal, sponsored the event. The dangers of improper waste disposal include, but are not limited to, the contamination of groundwater, oceans/lakes, and local beaches. These effects can compromise the health of children and adults alike.

If you wish to learn when a collection is taking place or want to learn more about hazardous waste, check out the Department of Water and Power’s website.