Selena Gomez Terrified by Justin Bieber Fans!

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Pop singer Selena Gomez is reportedly ‘terrified’ by death threats from Justin Bieber’s fans. A source told Star Magazine that ‘Selena’s terrified. She’s so young and when she sees things written about her, she understandably freaks out. Justin tries to reassure her, but what can he do?’

Selena spoke about her new song and the message behind the song… ‘Who Says’ was written in retaliation to ‘haters’: ‘Within that world, there’s just such easy access to people’s feelings. This song is such a great message to my fans, and it really touched me when I heard it. Basically, it’s to the haters, it’s to the people who try to bring you down.’ What do you guys think are the Biebs fans taking their relationship too far?

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  • Maryel

    Can’t believe he actually likes that sneaky little cougar who’s been using guys like Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner (which were more famous and successful than her) to be on the spotlight since she really can’t act or sing and she’s just downright nasty!